Stina Ehn & Oda Brekke

Pocket phrases lets the softness of skin and tissues meet the hardness of asphalt and stone. It invites people to come closer to a place and to spend time with details. As a continuous study the work approaches dance with an interest in systematic processes of creation, where producing comes first and analysing later. The work bases itself on the question of what happens to a form when it is doubled, repeated and reoriented, driven by a curiosity for what comes out of dance when it gets a determined form without aiming at determined meaning or sense. Pocket Phrasesinvites the audience to witness two performers pace through a series made up of singular parts. Each of them offers a sense of its own; a particular universe of figures, rhythms, and steps.

Choreography: Oda Brekke and Stina Ehn
Performed by: Oda Brekke and Tuuli Vahtola

Pocket phrases is made possible through support from Bergen Dansesenter, Kunsthuset Wrap, Dance Coop Copenhagen and Slots og Kulturstyrelsen (DK).

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